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  • The Grand Mystical Lodge
    The Illuminati Journal is a project of The Grand Mystical Lodge. It describes our activities in the field of mysticism. The Journal contains topics like witchcraft, paganism, Celtic mythology, occultism, demonology, magic and much more. There are artworks and photographs, which we create, our rituals, invocations, competitions and events. It is the project of Illuminati - contains the secrets of truth and hidden answers.
The Illuminati Journal

ISSN: 2336-2073

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The Illuminati Journal 11/2013 noclick

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11_2013_150_covertJournal no.1, 11/2013 [samhain]

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  • Introduction
  • Guild of Demonology
  • Vision about the Abyss
  • Spiritism
  • Creature Marduk
  • Natural beauty
  • Grimoires of Faust
  • The Book of Marduk
  • Weeping tree
  • The Sorcerer’s Diary
  • Old nostalgic cemeteries
  • Voodoo rituals
  • Competition for Danvers’ diary
  • Mystical photomanipulation
  • The Hobbit Home
  • Creature Eligos
  • Vision about Baphomet
  • Mysterious places
  • The Black Mass
  • Samhain

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